a few set-backs...
& by set-backs i mean drop-out, construction worker, convict, hospital patient, college grad

we all travel through life our own way, some with fewer set-backs

28 days…

28 days…

i was facing jail time, so i went to rehab; because the sate is willing to exchange 28 days in rehab for 28 days incarcerated. Which came as a math problem even the intellectually challenged could manage. The rehab program did not arrive with the intensity desired because of an easy adjustment to a routine based lifestyle. At start was an easy transition to daily activities involving education,…

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Get a passport. Use it as often as possible. Read. Books, that is. Ones without pictures. Surround yourself with brilliant and fascinating people. Say yes whenever you can, except to religion and authority. Create things. Fall in and out of love. Never forget that you will die one day.

—The Coquette 

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…where maturity is driven by experience

Waking up n jail was something that had evaded the current lifestyle for a period of time measured in days, weeks, months, but not years; it was less than two years since last that I awoke in shackles. I was released from a probationary period at the start of February; one that included a six month stay at a facility located in the city. Not in violation of that could be the fortuitous event of 2014.

The commissioner would wish me good luck upon departure; to which I would respond by inquiry as to the selective use of the comment? Motivated by the desire to continue a streak of fortune I would be told every prisoner receives such treatment.

At the last restaurant a request was made for me to leave. It was argument over payment prior to police involvement that encouraged interaction.

After investigation, that lead to bill payment and the request for a dispatcher to alert a taxi in the area to provide transportation home, the patience became short lived; after waiting an unrealistic amount of time the chance to problem solve became apparent.

I cannot attest to the length of the walk, or how many times I fell but I got to the vehicle. I was not driving long before the decision to return to the solace of a parking lot was made.

…but before arriving at a location where parking is possible police would intervene, and make an arrest.